"For years I had been searching for a therapist with knowledge of Parental Alienation ... unfortunately, every other past therapist had never heard of this term. I thank God that I found Annemarie! She has, by far, the most up to date knowledge on this subject and has helped me to learn, grow and to regain the confidence in myself. She is a shining gem and I am so ever grateful for her guidance!"

-Caron G.

"My wife and I have been clients of Annemarie's for over a year and will continue to seek her very gifted knowledge and wisdom for years to come. She not only taught and prepared us on many issues, such as PAD, but also saved out marriage. I had never been to a psychotherapist before and little did I know, that it would be one of the most important decisions of my life. I feel that I want to share this experience that has been so important and helpful to us with others that might be going through the same experiences."

-Joe M.

"Because of Parental Alienation, I have not seen my two daughters in 6 years. This has very much affected my health. My primary care physician referred me to Annemarie. She has helped me in many ways. I am so grateful for her help."

-Nicole M.

"I had seen various therapists and no one seemed to help me the way Annemarie has. She helped me understand how I was feeling and what I was going through. She helped me establish boundaries and learn how very important they are. I learned that I was a good mother and did my best. The main thing I learned with Annemarie is to respect myself."


"I have been a client of Annemarie's for many years.  Her support and insightful counseling has helped me through difficult times in my life and allowed me to gain a greater understanding of myself."

-Wendy E.

"Working with The Personal Growth Center has allowed me to gain the wisdom and perspective needed to grow towards my potential as an adult, spouse, professional and friend.  The caring, no nonsense staff are committed to helping all, so long as you are willing to work hard.  I could not recommend a more dedicated and professional group, and I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with them."


" I can't say enough about The Personal Growth Center.  It has been an invaluable learning experience for my own personal growth.  Guiding me through many life changing decisions, like major business changes, deaths in the family, and many health issues.  Using many different techniques of teaching, with sensitivity, humor, and sometimes examples of storytelling.  I've learned to look at myself not just at others.  I thank you for giving me the tools to help make my life better.  I really appreciate the huge learning experience and the guidance."