General Information

General Information

General Information

·    Sessions are 50 minutes long.  Sessions generally start on time and end on time, so your promptness is appreciated.  There may be exceptions in emergency situations.

·    We take vacations during the year and will give you notice prior to vacation times.

·    Hourly fees are subject to a yearly increase.  You will receive a hard copy notification prior and will be posted on client information board. Session fees will be applied to missed/no show sessions without 24 hour notice.  Please see appointment card for cancellation policy.

Hourly fees will be applied for:

·    Report Writing

·    E-mails – Reviewing, researching, composing, sending etc.

·    Phone consultations

·    Skype sessions

·    Emergency/Crisis intervention on site

·    Emergency appointments

·    Domestic Violence consultations

·    Attorney consultations

·    Review of documents (any/all pertaining)

·    Research pertinent to client and circumstance

·    Probation officer consultations

·    Liaison Drug Court

·    Psychiatrist consultations (dual diagnosis, cognitive functioning, personality, medication)

·    Physician consultations

·    Liaison RMV/Court ordered programs (DUI)

·    Liaison Court Mandated Alcohol/Drug Counseling (criminal, civil, substance abuse)

·    Consultation previous therapists

·    Department of Social Services