All Services

All Services

"The greatest discovery... is that a human being can alter life
by altering his attitudes of mind."
~William James

Individial Counseling
Couples Counseling
Marital/Family Counseling

*Comprehensive Evaluation
*Treatment Options
*Personalized Treatment Planning
*Diagnostic Alcohol/Drug Testing
*DUI Counseling/ Affiliated with DUI Program
*All Addictions
~ Prescription Medication Addiction
~ Marijuana Addiction
~ Pornography
~ Food
~Video Games
* Abuse and Trauma
*Postive Parenting
*Recovery for Patients and Parents
* Parental Alienation Counseling
* Holistic Health & Wellness
*Adult Children of Alcoholics
* Family Therapy
*Spiritual/Faith Issues
*Grief Counseling
*Anger Management
*Emotional Well-Being
*Relationship Violence
*Relapse Prevention
*Sobriety Management
*Referrals to Higher Levels of Care
*Related Issues
~ Eating Disorders
~Sexual Abuse
~Domestic Violence Counseling

We Are Affiliated With;

*D.U.I. Programs
*Drug Courts
*Detoxification Facilities
*Probation Officers/Parole Officers
*Treatment Programs
*Sober Living/Transitional Homes


"I came to Annemarie Santangelo during a difficult time in my life.
She helped me to learn how to deal with my choices in a way
that allowed me to look forward to a positive future.  I have never met someone so caring as to go out of her way that I could better myself.
I highly recommend to anyone seeking help to go and see Annemarie."

-Alex B.
Melrose, Ma