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"A happy family is but an earlier heaven"
                                     ~ Sir John Bowring

     The Personal Growth Center is committed to helping improve the quality of marriage and preserve family life.  With increased responsibilities and tensions, marriages and families are experiencing increased pressure.


   Some lacking healthy coping skills, conflict resolution skills, or communication skills.  Some may turn more toward forms of escape, including but not limited to alcohol and/or drugs.


   Marriages and families need a safe, comforting environment to turn to for guidance, education, and support.  We are proud to offer our Strengthening Marriage and Families Program:


" Marriages may be made in heaven, but we are responsible
for the maintenance work"
                                          ~ Changing Times


Improved Communication
Healthier Relationships
Setting Limits/Boundaries
Increasing Intimacy
Managing Emotions
Marital/Family Addiction Counseling
Positive Parenting
Relationship Violence
Gay/Lesbian Issues
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Restoring the Family


"Our families are where we first learn about life"
                              ~ George Polley


Common Relationship Problems: The most common relationship problem by far is communication. This means not understanding the other people’s point of view. This is often more a matter of refusing to allow the existence of the other’s view as opposed to not understanding it. It is unwillingness to take the time to genuinely listen and care to understand. 

Unresolved Issues from Youth and Past Relationships: A frequent cause of misunderstanding is unresolved baggage from youth. If a person grew up in a loud, violent or abusive environment, that person’s response to conflict, arguing, or confrontation, would be significantly different than a person whose home environment was skilled and healthy at conflict resolution. 

Unfulfilled expectations: One of the saddest set-ups in relationships is entering into them with all kinds of expectations and then over the years, feeling disappointment that they have not been met. 

Sex and Intimacy: Sex is the most common areas of conflict in many relationships. If communication has become hostile than that hostility manifests itself sexually as well. Chronic disappointment and dashed expectations can manifest in a serious loss of intimacy in a relationship. To further complicate matters, sexual interactions mean something different to men than they do to women. Women like to feel emotionally connected before they become physically connected. On the other hand, men often use sexual activity to connect in the first place. 

Resentments: Resentments are the number one killer of all relationship. They are a slow poison, undermining the love, trust, and mutual respect you may have had with each other. Infidelity: Infidelity can be a killer of trust and commitment. Affairs are often used as an escape from the difficulties of the current relationship. 

Financial Issues: The top six money arguments that couples have are about merging their money, dealing with debts, budgeting, how to best invest, money secrets and planning for emergencies. 

How Counseling Helps: 

    • Understand how external factors such as family values, religion, lifestyle and culture affect your relationship.
    • Reflect on the past and how it operates in the present.
    • Communicate in a more constructive way.
    • Learn why arguments escalate.
    • Negotiate and resolve conflicts where possible.

Confidentiality Strictly Observed


Facilitated by Licensed Professionals

Day, Evening, and Weekend Appointments